Company Overview

Renaissance Systems, Inc. (RSI) protects organizations against growing cyber security threats. We provide the resources to secure your data and to work with confidence in the global network.

How We Started

The word renaissance is typically defined as a “rebirth or revival of culture or learning.” It is a term that describes a dramatic and global transition; a shift from the old to the new; the demise of traditional thought.1

For two IT veterans, the time was ripe for their own “renaissance” and in 2001, RSI was born. RSI Founder, James Chavis and Cofounder, Bertrand Harris, took their 20+ years of professional IT experience and combined it with the simple ideal that only a small business could embody - that customer care and client satisfaction are the most important priorities that any business should have.

Who We Are

As the world rapidly adapted to the internet age during the “Dot Com” boom of 2000-2001, so too did Bert’s and James’ comprehensive understanding of the landscape. They began to build lasting partnerships with industry leaders - partnerships that are stronger today than ever before.

Similarly, James and Bert began implementing their plan for creating a team of experts that would later form one of the area’s leading IT solutions providers. They developed a team of passionate employees who exemplify the definition of professionalism. Today, this team consists of numerous certified experts in all major IT fields including risk management, network design, project management, IT Automation, VOIP, Cloud technologies, Linux, VMware, Novell, RedHat, Microsoft, Cisco, and Encase.

Who we work with

The short answer? RSI works with you. We work with home businesses and global leaders. We work with the defense industry and the single user. We collaborate with non-profits and for-profits alike. We partner with other small businesses and large prime contractors. In the end, what matters most to us, is providing your organization an effective, long-term solution that ensures the safety of your company.

How We Can Help You

The solutions we provide at RSI are unique to each customer we serve. From the beginning, we open the lines of communication and carefully evaluate how each part of your company interacts with your IT system.  We completely manage your IT infrastructure. We are experts at detecting and removing threats. We thrive at designing document management systems that can lower costs and improve company efficiency. Whether you need immediate assistance or a long-term partnership, RSI has the right IT solution for you.